Pottery and Painting

We have beautiful ceramic pieces to choose from, alternatively you can paint on our different sized canvases with our acrylic paints or sketch on card or paper using our professional sketching equipment.

Pottery, how does it work?

This is a question our customers seem to be confused about but it is a really simple process!

1. Come into Arty Club and choose a piece that you wish to paint. Our pottery pieces are made out of ceramics and are plain white.
2. Choose your colours.
3. Get creative!

Our Studio fee is £4.90 per painter and covers the paints, art equipment and firing in the kiln.

Pottery Paints

We have a range of 30 + paint colours which are to be used and then your piece are fired in the kiln (oven). If you would like to sparkle up your piece you also have the option to paint with our acrylic glitter paints which you can take home straight away, however if these paints are used they can not be fired in the kiln and are not dishwasher safe.

Pottery Prices

Our pottery prices range between £5 to £99. We have a varied product range and it changes dependant on the time of year. You will always see the below in stock :

  • Mugs and Cups - typically priced between £12-£13

  • Different sized plates - typically priced between £10-£20

  • Kids Money Banks - typically priced between £10-£18

  • Animals - typically priced between £15-£20

  • Homeware pieces such as flower pots, vases, wine coolers, salt & pepper pots, teapot sets, bowls, coasters etc - typically priced between £8-£79

Pottery Pick up

If you decided to paint with our kiln paints, collection will be from a minimum of one week and maximum of 2 weeks. Our pick up times are every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 12:30pm onwards. Your item will then be glazed, fired, made food safe and dishwasher friendly. We will pop you an email over once it is ready for collection.